Youth Engagement Zone Launch

Youth Engagement ZoneLocal youth-focused organizations have worked diligently to build and deliver quality service learning and civic engagement programming to young people in Near Northeast Denver.

In recent years, several of these organizations have activated the power of collaboration through a partnership known as the Northeast Denver Youth Engagement Zone (YEZ). YEZ non-profit partners include the Lory Family Center,  cityWILD, Earth Force, Going Green Living Bling, Metro Volunteers, RedLine and YouthBiz. YEZ school partners are Bruce Randolph, Cole Arts and Science Academy, Manual High School and Whittier K-8.

YEZ partners quickly realized the potential that existed through these relationships to develop a community-driven Youth Engagement Zone for Juneteenth.  Additionally, they seized the opportunity to invite other community youth-focused Community Partners, to share the responsibility of engaging young people at Juneteenth.


Our Mission:

  • Our mission is to educate young people about Juneteenth from a historical context.
  • Provide information and opportunities for youth to be engaged in Juneteenth, as well as on-going engagement with community, youth-focused organizations.
  • A fun environment for young people and their families to connect with value-adding resources to form new, positive and sustainable relationships.


The Youth Engagement Zone includes:

  • Youth Stage
  • Learning Zone
  • Sports Zone
  • Game Zone
  • Green the Block Zone
  • Art Zone
  • Youth Business Zone
  • Youth Volunteers