Dream Big

Dream Big
Over the past 5 years, we have worked to evolve the celebration into a platform which fosters community building and supports educational and economic development. We have had some challenges and growing pains, however; we are relatively satisfied with the progress that we have made in continuing to celebrate the holiday and raise our community consciousness.
Wilma Webb
The landscape of Denver, specifically North East Denver is aggressively changing. Countless families who called the East Side their home and neighborhood have been forced to relocate to surrounding cities with lower rents. The gentrification of Denver is serious for countless reasons and poses a threat to the legacies of pioneers who have helped open doors for future generations. Robert Smith
The theme for the 2017 Juneteenth Music Festival is Dream Big. It will appear in all of our messaging and promotion leading up to this year’s celebration on Saturday, June 17, 2017. To enhance the message, the festival planning committee is creating banners, posters, flyers and billboards featuring African Americans from Colorado who have set new standards through high achievement and DREAMING BIG.
Bother Jeff
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